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Investing in Silver 

Silver Bullion Coins

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American Silver Eagles Released in 1986, the American Silver Eagle coin is America’s only official investment-grade silver bullion coin. It is also the world’s only silver bullion coin whose weight, content, and purity are guaranteed by the government .999 pure. Considered some of the most beautiful coins ever minted, Silver Eagles are among the finest Silver coins issued by the United States. The obverse of the Silver Eagle coin depicts the Walking Liberty design created by Adolph A. Weinman.  The U.S. Mint's $1 face value bullion silver coin are in stock.
Canadian Silver Maple Leafs Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are some of the world’s most recognized Silver bullion coins. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the official Silver bullion coin of Canada, has become one of the most popular Silver coins sought after. These $5 face value Canadian coins are in stock.
Austrian Philharmonics The Austrian Silver Philharmonic, the first silver bullion coin that is denominated in euros. Minted by the Austrian Mint in Vienna, the Austrian Philharmonic Silver coins are .999 pure silver.   Available now.
Buffalo/Indian Silver Round from Golden State Mint We now stock the attractive and low-cost 99.9% pure silver rounds in the timeless “Buffalo/Indian” design from Golden State Mint. One of the most economical and convenient silver bullion choices is this 99.9% pure silver round struck by Golden State Mint. This private mint is certified by QAS International under terms of ISO 9001-2008 in the manufacturing of precious metals products. This assessment means that their bullion products are acceptable for inclusion in precious metals IRAs.
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