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What Kind of Coin Collector Are You? Coin collecting can be taken as casually or as seriously as you want. There are many kinds of coin collectors, from a child enjoying his or her first hobby, to a numismatist scientifically identifying rare ancient coins. You could be a specialist or an investor or just a casual hobbyist. If you were to collect coins, what kind of coin collector would you be? The Casual Collector A lot of us are casual coin collectors, and we occasionally pick through our pocket change and look for something interesting. We might hang on to old pennies, or coins minted the year we got married. This kind of coin collector doesn’t spend a lot of time, and doesn’t visit coin shops. You just hang on to a few coins that have meaning to you, and you might even let those coins go if you need an extra quarter for the soda machine. The Special Collector or Hobbyist This coin collector is a bit more purposeful about his or her collection. You may collect US State quarters, Lincoln head pennies, or buffalo nickels. You may keep her coins in a jar or a drawer, or may invest in a special folder for them. Coin collecting is a hobby and you enjoy it. The Error Coin Collector People have collected error stamps for a long time, but there have been fewer opportunities to collect error coins. Error coin collectors look for miss-minted coins. There aren’t many of these around because as soon as the error is discovered, the mint is corrected. Errors do happen, however, and error coins can be very valuable. The Investment Collector This brings us to the investment coin collector. These collectors keep their eyes open for valuable coins. They are very knowledgeable about coins and their value. When they find one that is worth a bit, they hold on to it because coins rarely devalue. Coins are such a good investment that some people recommend keeping up to 10% of your portfolio in coins. The Serious Collector You may start out going through your pocket change to see if you have any old pennies, but coin collecting can get into your blood. Before you know it you’ll become a serious coin collector. Then you’ll start buying coin-collecting equipment, and visiting coin shops, and going to coin shows. Before you know it, coin collecting will go from hobby to obsession, and you will have become a serious coin collector.  
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