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About Us 

American Bullion & Coin LLC is proud to have educated and assisted clients all over the world with precious metals and rare coin investing.  Whether you are a hobbyist, investor or collector, our team of experts is here to assist you with "plain talk".  Clear, candid communication and advice that help investors become better informed and more successful.  This has been the key to our - and our clients' - long-term success.  Our experienced staff is here to advise you in making the right investment decisions specific to your personal situation. The unprecedented developments in today's global economy will have a significant impact on your financial future.  Substantial wealth is being created for the smart investor who understands the protection and profit potential that investing in precious metals offers.  We work to build lasting partnerships with our clients in order to understand each individual's unique objectives and develop strategies to achieve their wealth management goals, regardless the size of their portfolio.  Precious metals are a foundation asset within any investment portfolio.  When you invest with American Bullion & Coin LLC you take physical possession of 100% of your investment, unlike an ETF which is no more than a piece of paper and MAY NOT be held at a "one-to-one" ratio in their vault.  Preserve your purchasing power and optimize your investment portfolio by calling American Bullion & Coin LLC today.
American Bullion & Coin LLC Investment Experts American Bullion & Coin is a full service precious metals investment firm. We assist financial institututions, financial planners, stock firms and individuals, providing 35 years of expertise in our business. Integrity is our motto. The loyalty, friendships and referrals we receive has built the success of our business.