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Investing in Silver 

90% US Mint Silver Coins    
90% Silver All commonly circulated U.S. coins minted 1964 or earlier contained 90% silver. These coins have some wear from being in circulation, and since they were mass produced are not considered to be rare. For these reasons, the term junk silver is also used to describe these coins since they are not highly prized by collectors. However, because they have a silver content of 90%, they are highly valued by silver investors.
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American Bullion & Coin is proud and excited to offer one of the most convenient and versatile ways to own silver... $1,000 face value bags of pre-1965 circulated United States minted coins (dimes, quarters and halves) with 90 percent silver content. Each bag is sometimes referred to as "junk silver bag," as they are sold for their bullion face value, instead of a collector value. The coins are priced by face value, rather than by the ounce. One dollar face value (ten dimes, four quarters, or two half dollars) contains 0.715 of an ounce of silver. Therefore, a bag ($1,000 face value) of 90% silver coins contains 715 troy ounces of pure silver and weighs 791 troy ounces (about 50 pounds).  Today, you rarely see these pre-1965 U.S. minted 90% silver content coins in circulation. Why? Because although these coins are U.S. legal tender and can still be used to purchase goods and services, their actual and true value is based on the amount of pure silver they contain, and that value today is substantially higher than the coins' face value. In the 1960's, when Public Law 88-36 was passed, silver was eliminated as the underlying exchange for one and two dollar bills. In 1965, the U.S. Mint discontinued minting dimes, quarters and half dollars with a 90% silver content and switched instead to cheaper cupro-nickel coins with less intrinsic value. Guarantee of Face Value: One of the primary benefits of a 90% silver coin bag investment is that the bag has a built-in guarantee simply unavailable with most other silver investments: No matter what happens to the price of silver, the value of your 90% silver bag will never be worth less than its $1,000 face value. Real Money: In addition, buying U.S. 90% silver coins offer you a convenient, transportable and divisible way to own silver. They are real money... you can spend the coins anywhere... and they will never be worth less than their face value. Highly Recommended: We highly recommend these U.S. 90% Silver Coin Bags because they are a bargain if you want to own silver at a lower premium than most silver bullion coins.  Contact us today to discuss how a U.S. 90% silver coin bag investment could and possibly should become part of your investment portfolio. Ordering Options: Full Bag Silver Coins ($1000 Face Value = 715 ounces Silver) Half Bag Silver Coins ($500 Face Value = 357.5 ounces of Silver) Quarter Bag Silver Coins ($250 Face Value = 178.25 ounces of Silver) Tenth Bag Silver Coins ($100 Face Value = 71.5 ounces of Silver)
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