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Investing in Silver

Why invest in Silver?

There are several reasons to own Silver: First, it’s cheaper!  Known as the poor man’s gold, those with limited budgets will find it easier to acquire. Second, silver has a wide variety of industrial uses and this can help its price. As its consumption increases across a growing number of industries, this should help place a floor under demand. Additionally, because of silver’s unique properties new uses will continue to be discovered. Third, silver is money and has served this role more than any other material on earth. Due to its historical role, silver will always have monetary value and offer similar protection as gold to the ongoing global currency devaluations, and will definitely benefit from the inflation hurricane we see as inevitable. Fourth, silver could outperform gold before this bull market is over. The market capitalization of silver is much smaller, making its price more susceptible to demand spikes than gold.  Silver is among the most liquid of the world's assets. It can be sold 24 hours a day in one or more markets around the world. This cannot be said of most investments, including stocks of the world's largest corporations.
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