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Investing in Gold

Why invest in Gold?    1. Gold is an effective deversifier. Diversification helps protect your portfolio against    fluctuations in the value of any one asset class.    2. Gold responds when you need it most. Many experts urge investors to keep a portion of their assets in gold. Most portfolios have stocks and bonds, adding gold introduces an entirely different asset. The purpose is to protect the total portfolio against fluctuations, gold does exactly that.    3. Asset of last resort.  History shows national currencies have come and gone but gold has been remarkably stable. Gold does not depend upon any government's or corporation's promise to repay.     4. Highly liquid. Gold is among the most liquid of the world's assets. It can be sold 24 hours a day in one or more markets around the world. This cannot be said of most investments, including stocks of the world's largest corporations.
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