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Precious Metals

Investing in Platinum Platinum bullion is an investment option that should not be overlooked... In the early 1800’s Russia found Platinum in their gold fields. They produced platinum roubles. They minted over a half million ounces of platinum roubles and took the metal from a little used commodity into a precious metal that was and is like gold. Platinum is about twenty times scarcer than gold - each year some 2600 tons of gold are brought to the surface, while annual platinum mining production comes to only about 130 tons. Today, it is used and is critical to the auto industry, jewelry, chemical, electrical and glass industries.  Platinum primary comes from South Africa and Russia even though it is mined worldwide. A useful metal such as platinum - as compact and easy to store as gold, and twenty times more rare – should not be ignored. Platinum is now trading at a far smaller premium to gold than has been seen over the past 50 years. Today, platinum would seem to deserve a place in any private portfolio of precious metals that are designed as a hedge against inflation.
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